Meet Nell

Tree climbing. Bed jumping. Den building. Swashbuckling. Childhood embracing design.

The days may be long, but the years are short. Tatty Rose was born to celebrate the wild abandon childhood truly deserves. Hours of hide and seek, afternoons of playground glee, grazed knees, ice-cream covered chins – Tatty Rose collections are designed to see them through it all. Playful, hardwearing, comfortable clothes for children encouraged to ‘be children’.

Founder Nell knows design and knows adventurous children

A professionally dressmaker and bridal designer, Nell Nash knows tailoring and attention to detail by trade. At home, a mother to three colourful and adventurous children (the Nashlets), Nell brings these qualities to each handmade Tatty Rose creation. Exceptionally fit, durable clothes made for child’s play. Designs born to seize the joy of childhood, just as kids do.

“Tatty Rose was born to cover all the bases of childhood imagination. Why are we always so eager to limit our children? My daughter loves unicorns and mermaids, but she’s passionate about space and dinosaurs too! I’m here to bring them together with designs that spark imagination and help girls and boys celebrate all their interests.”


Handmade, heart designed

Designed and made in the UK from Nell’s home in the old mining village of Newtongrange, on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Tatty Rose designs are produced from materials sourced from UK companies wherever possible. All 100% handmade, finished with Nell’s meticulous love and care.

If you want to see what Nell’s been up to recently…

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